Game Storyline

The "Debuk" represent a fictional consortium of characters that form an international community transcending nationalities and races. Their primary role is to extract precious metal ores and gemstones from the depths of oceans worldwide. They embark on this endeavor aboard the largest united fleet of ships and submarines, which boast state-of-the-art marine technologies and are manned by the most skilled mariners on the planet.
To ensure the profitability of these expeditions, major international agencies specializing in precious metal ores and gemstones participate in daily bidding for the upcoming excavation operations. The winning bids are then converted into daily reward amounts for the Debuk excavators, based on their performance and contributions. As a gesture of recognition, a portion of the daily reward amount is allocated as Royalty Income to the owners of the ships and submarines involved in the operations.
Furthermore, all players are generously rewarded on special occasions when they participate in Mega Events, which involve treasure hunts within lost ancient cities and shipwrecks. These events provide an opportunity for players to earn substantial rewards while exploring captivating historical sites beneath the ocean's surface.