Training Version

Training Chamber
Training Chamber
The intense water pressure experienced at the deep sea beds is unbearable for any normal human being under regular conditions. To overcome this challenge, all Debuks are equipped with special nano-carbon-fiber suits that can withstand the immense external water pressure while allowing their internal organs to function normally. As part of their training, all Debuks undergo daily 40-minute sessions inside the specially designed training chambers that artificially replicate the high water pressure found on the deepest ocean beds. These training sessions are designed to help their bodies adapt to the extreme conditions of working at the unfathomable depths of the ocean floor.
This version is an Alpha Test that is active during the community NFT sale period and will continue until the earning version, "Deep Digger," is launched.
During the training sessions, all Debuk NFT holders have the opportunity to earn lucky Scratch Cards in a 1:1 ratio for each Debuk NFT assigned for training on a daily basis.
These Scratch Cards serve as the essential component for participating in the airdrop of Limited Edition Ownership NFTs, exclusively available to Debuk NFT holders. The chances of winning in the airdrop increase based on the number of Scratch Cards collected by each Debuk NFT holder.