Monetization of Oceanic Token (OCN)

Oceanic (OCN) Token serves as the native currency and utility token within the Debuk Under The Sea game ecosystem. Here are the key monetization aspects associated with the OCN Token:
  • In-game Earnings and Rewards: All in-game earnings and rewards will be distributed in the form of OCN tokens. Players will receive $OCN tokens as a means of monetizing their in-game achievements and progress.
  • In-game Marketplace Transactions: The $OCN token will be the sole currency applicable for buying, selling, lending, or borrowing NFTs on the in-game marketplace. Players will need to use $OCN tokens to engage in transactions involving NFT assets.
  • Special Events Participation: Participation in special in-game events will require the use of $OCN tokens. These events may offer unique rewards and opportunities for players to further monetize their gaming experience.
  • In-Game Staking: $OCN token holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens within the game platform. By staking $OCN tokens, players can earn additional rewards and benefits, further monetizing their token holdings.
  • Exchange Trading: $OCN tokens can be traded on exchanges, providing players and investors with the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade the tokens for other digital assets or fiat currencies.
Overall, the OCN token plays a central role in the monetization and economic activities within the Debuk Under The Sea game ecosystem, offering various avenues for players to engage, transact, and monetize their gaming experience.